The Boeing 737


As a whole, the Boeing 737 family is the best-selling commercial jet in history. These aircraft range in size, holding between 110 and 220 passengers. The Next-Generation 737 can fly approximately 3,000 nautical miles, an increase of 900 miles over earlier models. This program is continually searching for technological and design innovations to improve performance, including carbon brakes to reduce weight, and leading-edge flight-management software. By providing superior airframe components, Impresa Aerospace will assist Boeing in the continuing evolution of this market dominating aircraft.





Our mission is simple: Be the trusted source for aerospace structures – from the smallest details to the most complex assemblies.




Our plants in Gardena and Wichita enable us to efficiently perform operations such as:



Our expansive and efficient plants, featuring Lean Cellular lines, are flexible enough to process everything from one-off prototypes to large volumes of complex assemblies. Located in Gardena, California and Wichita, Kansas we’re poised to deliver on time and on budget.