About Impresa Aerospace


Impresa Aerospace has been a premium supplier to the aerospace industry for more than 50 years. The company’s customers span the spectrum of OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers serving the commercial and military aviation industries, with Impresa parts running the gambit from small details to large sub assemblies.

It would be a challenge indeed to find an airframe that doesn’t feature Impresa parts and assemblies. In fact, the company plays a critical role in virtually every aerospace platform — including commercial jets, regional and business aircraft, military aircraft and civilian and military helicopters.

Impresa’s success and longevity can be attributed to the forward-thinking nature of the management team. Company leadership has proven that it will not hesitate to implement systems, procedures and policies that will keep the company on the leading edge.




Today the company has taken a leadership position regarding Lean Cellular Manufacturing as well as managing the “Human Element.” While the first centers on production flow and the later focuses on morale, both contribute considerably to the efficacy and flexibility of production.

In addition to Impresa’s core functions of precision machining, aluminum extrusions and sheet metal fabrication, the company boasts three hydroform presses and a titanium hot break form cell. These added capabilities enable Impresa to fabricate large fuselage parts and accommodate the growing demand for titanium components.

Impresa’s production upgrades, along with the recent acquisition of Swift-Core Aerospace, have positioned the company for rapid growth. Without adding additional facilities or shifts, Impresa’s production capacity could be increased by 30 to 50%. Poised to meet the future demands of its clients, the company will continue to invest in technology, add production when needed, and pursue future acquisitions.