Corporate Culture



Better people make better airframes.


Our mission is simple: Be the trusted source for aerospace structures — from the smallest details to the most complex assemblies.


At Impresa Aerospace we have one barometer for success: Customer Satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied, all other measures of success – growth, profit, and personal satisfaction — will follow.

Just as all other measures of success will follow if customers are satisfied, a “people-centered” philosophy will foster our core values of integrity, commitment, quality, innovation and “ownership.”

We operate under the ideology that “Quality begins and ends with good people.” Since machines are only as good as the people who operate them, we empower our staff through respect and trust. The result is exceptional quality delivered by an employee who is personally invested in the outcome.


Maintain our position as a premier aerospace and defense company through continual refinement, undaunted vigilance and unsurpassed preparedness. We will always be poised to meet our customers’ needs through the expansion of capabilities and capacity, flexibility, and the eschewing of complacency.

Adherence to our core beliefs will ensure a workplace where respect and trust are not only commonplace, but expected, and where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.