People Capital

When we say “Better People, Better Airframes,” it’s not just a slogan – it’s the basis of our corporate philosophy.

We place a tremendous value on the “Human Element.” When you interact with one of our people you will instantly realize that our employees are personally invested in your satisfaction. This is the result of a management philosophy based on a people-oriented focus which blends respect and trust from the top down.

High technology is critically important in aerospace manufacturing – and we are on the cutting edge. But, all those computers and machines are only as effective as the humans who operate them. That’s why we truly believe that quality begins and ends with the people who care deeply about the job they are tasked with. Our management philosophy means that we respect our employees and we trust them to make the right decisions as they travel on their path toward excellence.


We employ all of the quality management procedures, policies and state-of-the-art testing equipment required to succeed in the aerospace industry. However, at Impresa we go beyond industry standards by emphasizing employee morale through team-building and “ownership” principles.

The result is a management and production team who feel personally invested in producing quality parts and assemblies, and take pride in knowing they are part of the overall success of the company. The best airframes aren’t simply the result of the best materials and the best engineering, they are also inextricably dependent upon the best people to keep them aloft.