Brake Form



Although Brake Forming is one of the oldest mechanical metal deformation processes, it’s still an industry standard. Impresa features numerous Brake Form stations in several of the company’s manufacturing cells.

Nearly every detail or assembly produced at an Impresa facility passes through at least one Brake Form station. And although the process seems simple, maintaining aerospace tolerances relies on several aspects, including the press, the tooling and the material – not to mention an experienced operator.

The advantages of Brake Forming include:

  • It’s ability to form ductile materials
  • The need for minimal tooling
  • The ability to produce small parts
  • Usage in both low and medium production runs
  • Capability to produce long parts requiring “V” or “U” channels

Our production facilities employ numerous Brake Form machines from leading manufacturers such as Guifil, Amada, Tri-Arco and Pacific Press Technologies. With custom tooling and press ratings from 17 to 110 tons, small precision details, as well as parts requiring oversized lengths, are well within our capabilities.



Our mission is simple: Be the trusted source for aerospace structures – from the smallest details to the most complex assemblies.




Our plants in Gardena and Wichita enable us to efficiently perform operations such as:


Our expansive and efficient plants, featuring Lean Cellular lines, are flexible enough to process everything from one-off prototypes to large volumes of complex assemblies. Located in Gardena, California,  Wichita, Kansas, and Charleston, South Carolina we’re poised to deliver on time and on budget.