Last week Impresa officially cut the ribbon on its South Carolina operation with an open house for customers, colleagues, officials and friends.

3yMj30nbNBd3ekrQVcvPfkAjDB5boRdXA8MhlnfiOZ4,uOLG73bbSRjhuvZh4_-Z3mGuDQUSIBcdNh7it1x1GYY,Zx1solXM2ECRj5NVQQEccOVyfdALsoQOynMAtHvME00The festivities kicked-off around three o’clock with refreshments, mingling and tours of the facility. Tables full of parts, and placards describing the parts, were set up throughout the facility. Guests got a first hand look at the machines and methods the company’s skilled employees use on a day-to-day basis. The entire Goose Creek crew, led by Jayme Hightower, Leigh Showers, Charles Van Graan, and Mark Locklair, did a great job making the inside look fantastic. And thanks to Alan Miles for putting together the presentation of the truck and trailer – complete with new graphics wrap. Thanks to the Gardena office as well, especially Briaune for her work tracking down and directing the efforts of an outstanding party planning company, and to Dennis for coordinating with South Carolina operations. While the Impresa gang prepared the interior, the party planners dolled-up the exterior with brilliant lighting. M3xXny8fJ-SZwjFiz3mk03cZhU0igOq4LMDFoz2i_eo,I_Sr8jwFJ8FiCrH91Gdb9jqS-pAp4NUJXEcc79k3Cv8,RoskZ3ooJNJl3xh52WXmse-oKbtX3PVBPRuXfGbwUqI


At 4:30 Eric Haworth, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, took the stage and welcomed the guests to Impresa. Once Eric warmed up the crowd, CEO Scott Smith took over. Scott described the company’s strategy, filled all of us in on the details of the move to South Carolina, and recognized all the local officials who helped make the move possible. Scott closed his speech by emphasizing the company’s “people first” philosophy, and then turned the microphone over to William “Bill” Peagler, Berkeley County Supervisor and Nelson Lindsey, Director of Economic Development for the state of SC.

IGlc63K5Cr_Gpd9B4xoUDXvzPzHwqxRECYmjoetajW4,3AGOD7Q9_oQm_K8QiWyahGwSeYyq25xxeDGny-0JlzI,sOtyZqDHIVm5J3v-MU0ER4Gs51X1w7DbnUyV-glITao,oXP3N03IozWigqlDhNpGMCcoa9yfU5hnhDLwr8cM3cEWhen the speakers concluded and proceeded to cut the ribbon, the Chanel 2 news crew went “live” and broadcast the ceremony on the 5 o’clock news. In addition to Channel 2, a reporter from the Post and Courier as well as a news crew from Live 5 News, the CBS affiliate, recorded the event.

Guests enjoyed a jazz duo, servers wandering around with trays of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, a buffet full of southern cuisine, and of course, a full bar.

As the party broke-up, guests departed with “swag bags” full of goodies to go along with the good times.


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